Welcome to my humble webpage found in the magical universe of the Internet. Now if you are old, like me, you remember opening your large, dusty, dog-eared phone directory to find out about someone. As long as you reasonably knew how to spell a person’s name, there was a treasure trove to be discovered! You could find a phone number, address, and perhaps family members’ names too. It was a titillating search. 

But alas, gone are the mysteries of deducting who someone is by this specialized search in your trusty old yellow directory. Now, you simply type in a person’s name into the google realm and you can find out everything from their cat’s Facebook page, to an old arrest for drinking underage. 

Yes, the Internet is truly a magical place, so I am not quite sure what brought you to this site to learn more about me. Unless of course, you’d like to read something I have wrote or perhaps you’re hoping to find a reason to give your brother on why he shouldn’t date me….Shelly!… (FYI There isn’t one; I am amazing!)

Anywho, WELCOME again and enjoy reading my thoughts on myself, perhaps on you, and the world. And if you search me out beyond this website and your phone directory, that arrest was not my fault; it was a bowling alley and they clearly should not have been serving pitchers of beer to a group of rowdy high school students, just sayin’!

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